Its winter time and they’ll be lots of snow shoveling and winter games to be played. Make sure you can enjoy the winter weather without enduring the pain of aching muscles caused from things such as your heavy winter boots

Muscle Mist

Spray directly on any sore area of your body for pain. It helps reduce inflammation, and if there has been a restricted blood flow to the area due to inflammation, the blood flow can be restored and then it helps to loosen tight, sore muscles.

For sinus problems spray one spray on your wrist and smell from about 4 inches away to help clear nasal passages. The smell will last on your wrist for a few hours, so just smell when needed. If you have problems at night or wake up stuffed in the morning, put one spray on your pillow at night.

Muscle Soaks

Inhale the aroma of Eucalyptus, Peppermint and Rosemary in a warm bath to help clear congestion caused from colds. Relax and enjoy the detoxifying and softening properties of the Muscle Soak Salts.