Treat yourself to a relaxing, stress reducing experience without leaving the house. Our Number One best seller is Muscle Soak. Rejuvenate the body with this fresh, cooling and invigorating soak. Eucalyptus soothes sore muscles, Peppermint offers relief from aches and pain, Lavender eases anxiety and nervous tension, Lemongrass is stimulating and Rosemary promotes mental clarity. Our combination of ingredients helps to promote softer and healtier skin due to its abundants of natural minerals from the variety of salts and oils.


Relaxing and Balancing

Green Tea

Relaxing and Soothing


Exotic and Relaxing

Love Potion

Intoxicating and fruity

Muscle Soak

Soaks Penetrating and Invigorating


Grounding and Balancing

Sex in a Bar

Intoxicating and floral

White Orchid

Clean and Floral